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07/10/2019 - 12/10/2019

Full Schedule Structure

APL Main Event

Entries: 365

Buyin: 16.5M

Prizepool: 6,023M

Guaranteed: 0M

1st Nguyen Tien Thanh  "Terry Nguyễn " Nguyen Tien Thanh "Terry Nguyễn " 1,222.2M 1080
2nd The Anh Nguyen The Anh Nguyen 855.5M 900
3rd Cheng Lin Cheng Lin 550.1M 720
4th Kim Seungjun Kim Seungjun 360.0M 540
5th Pham Minh Tuan Pham Minh Tuan 277.3M 450
6th Le Ngoc Khanh Le Ngoc Khanh 229.3M 360
7th Che Li Lin Che Li Lin 192.4M 270
8th Baek Sunwoo Baek Sunwoo 157.1M 180
9th Huy Lâm Huy Lâm 122.2M 90
10th Jiang Yongbo Jiang Yongbo 102.4M 54
11th Katsuhiro Muto Katsuhiro Muto 102.4M 54
12th Chi Hung Ho Chi Hung Ho 102.4M 54
13th Nguyen Vu Huy Nguyen Vu Huy 86.7M 54
14th Ngoc Anh Cao Ngoc Anh Cao 86.7M 54
15th Thai Cuong Nguyen Thai Cuong Nguyen 86.7M 54
16th Mitchell Nors Mitchell Nors 71.3M 54
17th Quang Hai Vu Quang Hai Vu 71.3M 54
18th Nguyễn Hồng Điệp Nguyễn Hồng Điệp 71.3M 54
19th Algars Plivcs Algars Plivcs 59.4M 36
20th Quan Nguyen Quan Nguyen 59.4M 36
21th Nguyen Hai Tan Nguyen Hai Tan 59.4M 36
22th Kohei Osa Kohei Osa 48.6M 36
23th Nrak Lertphokhanoo Nrak Lertphokhanoo 48.6M 36
24th Nguyen The Vinh Nguyen The Vinh 48.6M 36
25th Nguyen Le Quang Nguyen Le Quang 42.0M 36
26th Stephen Schumacher Stephen Schumacher 42.0M 36
27th Tien Quyet Pham Tien Quyet Pham 42.0M 36
28th Thanh Vinh Trần Thanh Vinh Trần 34.4M
29th Julien Trần Julien Trần 34.3M
30th Michael Newby Michael Newby 34.3M
31th Soo Jo Kim Soo Jo Kim 34.3M
32th Quy Bang Nguyen Quy Bang Nguyen 34.3M
33th Tran Van Thinh Tran Van Thinh 34.3M
34th Linh Tran Linh Tran 34.3M
35th Lee Bong Su Lee Bong Su 34.3M
36th Tan Dung Huynh Tan Dung Huynh 34.3M
37th Unknown Player 31.6M
38th Mong Hoang Truong Mong Hoang Truong 31.6M
39th Huu Manh Nguyen Huu Manh Nguyen 31.6M
40th Thananat Therdtakoonrat Thananat Therdtakoonrat 31.6M
41th Khánh Lê Minh Khánh Lê Minh 31.6M
42th Văn Phinh Nguyễn Văn Phinh Nguyễn 31.6M
43th Si Yang Phua Si Yang Phua 31.6M
44th Gyula Ryan Revai Gyula Ryan Revai 31.6M
45th Bernard Vu Bernard Vu 31.6M
46th Raiden Kan Yew Fatt Raiden Kan Yew Fatt 29.6M
APL HCM October 2019
07/10 APL Main Event Terry Nguyen
04/10 APL Kick Off Kjell Ove Dyb
05/10 APL NL Turbo 1 Tran Huy Hoang
05/10 APL Knockout Bounty Turbo Nguyen Huy Thai
06/10 APL DeepStack Turbo Xi Chao
07/10 APL High Roller Jack En Ching Wu
08/10 APL Deep Stack Duong Minh Hai
08/10 APL No Limit Holdem Wanchana Valaikanok
08/10 APL Pot Limit Omaha Nguyễn Quang Minh
09/10 APL Hyper Turbo 1 Gihun Seo
10/10 APL Super Deepstack Turbo Khoi Nguyen
11/10 APL Freezeout Nguyễn Duy Tùng
11/10 APL NLH Turbo 2 Soo Jo Kim
11/10 APL Ko Bounty 1 Nguyen Le Quang
13/10 APL Ko Bounty 2 Quang Huy Nguyen
13/10 APL Hyper Turbo 2 Johannes Felix Hoeld
14/10 APL 6 Max Nguyen Pham The Quan
14/10 APL Super DeepStack Luong Anh Tuan
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